Don’t need an Effluent Discharge Permit? Think again!

In our industry, the need to obtain a Trade Effluent Permit before discharging water down the drain during system cleaning is essential, as is the requirement to discharge only within the parameters detailed in the permit itself, i.e., flow, volume and chemical make-up.

We are told, on many occasions by our clients that a permit is an extra cost they don’t want to pay. When we advise them that it’s a strict requirement of the 1991 Water Industry Act and that it’s illegal to discharge without the permit, we are often given unwelcome comments.

Well, an environmental services company in the Midlands has just been fined £47,000 with £14,000 in costs for discharging waste into the local sewer network at levels above the limits set down by the water company………..hopefully an example of how not to ignore regulations.

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